Hello, I am Emil, a graphic designer and web developer based in Brussels. For a portfolio request, a commission or just a chat feel free to hit me up on Instagram or by mail. Merci.

sped-up version

Johannes Kuczera, 2024

Walter Tiemann Prize 2024

open book society e.V., 2024

Design: Emil Kowalczyk and Merle Petsch

JEF GEYS – Guide Raisonnable (e-reader)

Wiels Brussels, 2024

Design: Joris Kritis

Development: Emil Kowalczyk

It’s a book 2023

Independent Publishing Fair Leipzig, 2023

The Word for Museum is Forest

GfzK Leipzig, 2023

Design: Emil Kowalczyk and Merle Petsch


Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, 2023

Design: Emil Kowalczyk, Sohyeon Lee, Merle Petsch and Sören Sandbothe

Development: David Wahrenburg

Josef Hoffmann – Falling for Beauty

Art & History Museum Brussels, 2023

Design: Joris Kritis and Emil Kowalczyk

Scenography: Kris Kimpe


open book society e.V., 2023

Design: Emil Kowalczyk and Merle Petsch

Development: David Wahrenburg

Moans and Whistles

Suzanne Cleerdin, 2023

Design: Emil Kowalczyk


Independent Publishing Fair Leipzig, 2021

Design: Anne Dietzsch and Emil Kowalczyk

Development: Wolfgang Schöffel and David Wahrenburg

It’s a book 2022

Independent Publishing Fair Leipzig, 2022

Design: Emil Kowalczyk and Merle Petsch

DRAMA – Magazin für szenische Literatur, 2021

Design: Emil Kowalczyk and Paulina Mohr